Sorry for the delay. I didn’t have time to write yesterday, because Christmas. I was busy rejoicing, loudly. Regardless, I thought I’d post something so I didn’t miss a day.

My dad and I are going hunting in two days. We’ll be staying fairly close to town, so we can wake early, be on the hill by mid-morning, and home in time for a good night’s sleep. Our hopes for the success of the trip are fairly low; I’ve only hunted a few times, and he hasn’t gone for years. We’ll give it our best, though, and we might get lucky and find a few birds.

But I’ve come upon a tough decision. Should I bring Sawyer along? I hadn’t planned on taking him out until opening day, next season, but I’m tempted to load him in the truck and see what he can do. This article, which details good ways to introduce puppies to live birds, seems to say that I should take him along. We can practice all we like, but Sawyer won’t really be a bird-dog until he’s found (chased, retrieved) the real thing. This article, however, warns against improperly introducing a dog to gunfire. I’ve shot around Sawyer a few times with my .22 caliber handgun, but the differences between .22 and 20 gauge shotgun fire are vast. I wouldn’t want to scare Sawyer, perhaps permanently affecting his desire to hunt.

The Pros

  • Finally finding some live birds for Sawyer to chase.
  • A full day of exercise.
  • Fun for everybody (I hope).
  • Making our chances of a successful hunt much greater.

The Cons

  • I don’t have many of the tools (including an e-collar) that I should have.
  • Risk scaring Sawyer.

I think I know the answer, but I’ll ask the question anyways.